My inspiration for QUIET BUNNY’S MANY COLORS came from countless compliments on my attention to visual details. What could be a more perfect follow up to QUIET BUNNY, a book exploring the world of sounds, than a book that focuses on the visual world of color.

Quiet Bunny loves the bright colors of spring: the yellow ducks, green frogs, red ladybugs and blue jays- everything but his own brown and white fur. It takes the teachings of a wise owl for Quiet Bunny to realize that it is the rainbow of colors- including his own- that makes the world so beautiful.

I had so much fun adding all the little special touches as I painted the art for QUIET BUNNY’S MANY COLORS. My goal was to make every page a visual feast, exploding with color and packed with details. I hope you have as much fun exploring the pages as I had painting them.

PS The front and back end pages may look the same at a glance, but look a little closer.


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